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Oil free Metalworking Fluids · Cleaning Products

Daniel Stocker | A-3533 Friedersbach | Wolfsberg 28 | +43 (0)664 18 200 77 | stocker@umwelttechnik-stocker.at

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Ahead of its time! Productivity - Healthy employees - healthy environment

UTS-Umwelttechnik Stocker was founded in 2010 by Daniel Stocker. Since than we deal with environmentally friendly products in the metal working industry with coolants and cleaners. These special products are particularly environmental and workplace-friendly, so that their use on the one hand is a huge relief for employees and, secondly, due to the environmental friendly formulation cleaning and disposal are unnecessary. Moreover, they highly improve the technical and economical performance.

It is of great importance for us, not only to act as a supplier, but together with you develop a technically perfect and environmentally friendly machining process that gives you both high production benefits as well as the gratitude of your employees enters.

Production benefits by oil-free lubricants

By using our lubricant tool life is multiplied, while at the same time lube consumption is reduced significantly. The finished parts are dry directly after production. Welding, laser, or painting is possible without washing. The lubricants provide excellent corrosion protection and have an excellent cooling performance. Washing processes are eliminated or massively simplified. Our lubricants do not cause a fire risk and are not hazardous goods. Moreover, they are skin-friendly, washable with water and biodegradable.

Our partners:  www.lbi-oilfree.de  |  www.indusa.de  |  www.glogar-uwt.com  |  www.grimatec.de  |  www.brinkmannpumps.de