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NBC- Filter System - Natural Bacteria Cleaning

For a clean process liquid

The NBC - filter system is a useful, mobile equipment for each maintenance department , which is takes care of the water process fluids and of metal working fluids.

The device operates with a specially designed filter system which is powered by a powerful suction pump. This pump has been developed for contaminated metal working fluid, in order to handle even metal chips. Tramp oil absorbing filter bag are supplied as standard with a filter size of 1µ. The filter bag can be of 1-3 ltr. tramp oil. This special filter bag can be used several times, so that operating costs can be significantly reduced ( more filter sizes on request ).

Furthermore, the system is equipped with a special UV lamp, which is used for rapid and effective reduction of bacteria . For power supply high voltage (400 V) is needed and controlled by a main switch.

The filtration unit is on industrial rubber wheels and, therefore, ideal for use that requires a portable unit. Furthermore, the filter system is designed by its sophisticated and space-saving construction specifically for applications where space is limited.

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